Cs Sesame Miso Soup Og

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Creamy Sesame: the addition of tahini paste makes this white miso soup mild and creamy with a hint of nutty sesame. Enjoy the umami-rich taste of naturally fermented miso, with the creamy, mildly nutty flavour of sesame in Clearspring's Organic Instant Miso Soup Paste. Just add hot water and enjoy. To prepare, empty the contents of one sachet into a bowl or cup and add approx. 1 cup (180ml) of hot water. Stir well and enjoy hot.

With Sea Vegetables
Part of the product range 'Miso Products'.

This product is Gluten-free, is Organic and is Vegan.

White miso* (55%) (water whole soybeans* rice* sea salt) mirin* (sweet rice* shochu* [water cultured rice*] cultured rice*) sesame paste* (15%) sea salt onion puree* kombu sea vegetable extract (0.9%) (water kombu sea salt) wakame sea vegetable (0.9%). *organically grown